Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Top Magento Hosting Companies - Fast & Security

The problem come with all of people who start working with magento is not only from development but also the server/hosting solution. Choose a hosting from a top magento hosting company will save you a lot of time and money.

If you have ever worked with Magento you will know it is not easy to choose a good magento hosting company. A top Magento Hosting Company is only in the case they set up their server focus to work well only for Magento or it doesn't make sense to get your site work with too many source. Ok, if you are a talent who can set up a VPS/Dedicated Server for Magento yourself then you don't need to read this blog unless let 's go with our experience after a long time working with magento in the way to choose hosting.

Web HostingThe same to you, my team have starting our business with Magento from 2009 and meet a lot of problem with hosting. But later on, we have a lot of experience with development and we have experience with Hosting/Server for Magento too. And the Top Magento Hosting company in our list is Siteground. The hosting fee is not too much different from others, but the speed and performance is of Siteground hosting for Magento is different from others are very much. Let 's look at some features of SiteGround magento hosting package

- Server optimized for Magento: this is the most important feature, if they don't do this, magento shop will work very low. Let 's say normal server for normal hosting usually have RAM 512 but here they always have more than 1GB RAM for hosting.

- Siteground set up server with configuration only for Magento. It 's very important because Magento require the server system very much, if you don't meet the requirements it will work very slow and down server all of time.

- Supercacher built-in: This is only one on the world provide cache in their share hosting and it work very fast and well as we expect. You can configure Magento for Memcached instead of using File  System or Database cache what is not too fast.

- Unlimited bandwidth/databases/disk space and sometimes they offer free domain or SSL it 's perfect for Magento shop site.

- Support SSL installation quickly

- Magento experience supporter expert: you can make ticket for them about your magento shop if it relate to server, they have a lot of developers who have experience with Magento and they will show you how to fix.

- Free Magento Themes: A lot of free magento theme what install instantly if you need

- Free Magento install: One-Click to install magento latest version, it impress me a lot.

I feel very free on their services because it 's very stable even though we have a lot experience of Magento server configuration but not all of times our customers willing pay much for a VPS or dedicated server, in this case we always have peace in mind to get Siteground as our Magento Hosting provider.

And yes, we tried many hosting providers before we found a the Top Magento Hosting is Siteground, we believe you will be the same to me. Thanks you and thanks Siteground who help us keep our customers happy. You can try yourself 30 days money back guarantee HERE

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